Saturday, April 5, 2014

Libertarian "Humanitarianism" is a Dangerous Deviation

By Marko Marjanović on April 4th, 2014

Recently it has come to my attention that there are self-professed libertarians who want to bring about a libertarian society for reasons other than to give every man and woman, child and pet, the right to hate Disco. The leader of these “humanitarian” libertarians instead sees the value of libertarian society in increasing human cooperation, beautifying the human condition and ending all aggression against rights. Always alert we recognize these high-flying phrases for what they are — codewords for stuffing Disco down our throats.

We Rock ‘n’ Rollers for Core Libertarianism reject this new deviationist notion of libertarianism being about human rights, and remind everyone the core libertarian principles are really about celebrating some of the most obnoxious and juvenile music to ever be recorded, as well as the freedom to make life miserable for everyone who does not. We caution libertarians to remind themselves the core of our common idea has never been about rights and peaceful interaction, instead for many of us it has mostly been about bringing about a world built on the base instincts of an AC/DC fist-raiser.

The only true libertarian utopia is a society where beer-guzzling degenerates driving motorcycles, pick-ups and VW Golfs subject passersby to an unending barrage of UFO and Slade, where all the streets are named after Robert Halford and the only songs are about parties, women and breaking the law. A society where flannels and sandals are shunned, whiskey is served straight and shorts may only be worn if combined with a tie. A society that freely and collectively sneers at Disco, hippies and Grunge and ostracizes anyone over fourteen who does not spend his Friday nights throwing up and driving under the influence.

With this in mind, in closing we Rock ‘n’ Rollers for Core Libertarianism once again call on libertarians to reject the pleas of these dangerous, supposedly “humanitarian” deviationists to artificially fasten onto core libertarianism (which has always been about the freedom to hate) the ill-fitting notion of holding human rights sacrosanct and never sacrificing them to matters of personal taste. Actually, we know that libertarianism is all about taste and the underlying motive for support of freedom and justice! And our motivation is better and more appealing than yours! Scrawny “humanitarians” you are wrong! True libertarianism is not about beauty, it is about Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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